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Working with scars that were two years old (not as a result of a natural healing process), famed French Dermatologist &  Lecturer, Francois Michel - a longtime DermaWave user, employs our device to yield these results in four treatments. The results may not be 'letter perfect' in absolute terms, but to the client that was long living with the 'Before Picture', imagine her enthusiasm. This, after all, represented an extreme condition that had been undeniably improved beyond what most imagined..

Point is, while there is no cure-all for all anomalies, the 'special sauce circuitry' of our Micro-Pulse technology (operating at a rate far faster than you can see) has accomplished things that other LED devices have yet to achieve. And we've been doing it ... for a long time.


Know this ... There is no 'Magic Bullet' machine - of any type. Come the day we develop that, we'll be retired in 6 months, living in the Mayfair section of London, and doing our weekends in Paris.

Alas, many distributors "wax poetic" when describing their machines, often making claims that are simply "over-ambitious" -- some claims we, ourselves, refuse to make ... and we have the more powerful instrument, mind you. It's a shame that so many associated with the skin care industry "over-reach" when describing the merits of their product. In fact, it's more than a shame in that it can be entirely counter-productive to raise expectations so high, people can sometimes begin to question the real and tangible merits of a product.

Photo Rejuvenation performed with a well designed instrument has true merit. We wouldn't have put so much time and effort into our devices if we didn't think so. But no, it won't regrow amputated limbs and, despite the process being described and promoted in the skin care press as 'The Lunchtime Facelift', it really isn't the equivalent of going under a surgical knife. Rather, for those who shudder at the thought of surgery, it's a very nice alternative to the knife -- not a replacement for the same (for those who are into the blood, and all) ....

What Photo Rejuvenation is ... is an excellent compliment to the modern Day Spa that wants to offer a variety of services to the client and desires to address several skin problems with greater efficiency or with better results than before. It's reasonably priced for most clients and surely profitable for the Esthetician or Day Spa owner.

But to suggest -- as some have -- that the client will "look 5 years younger in just one session" is flatly "over-stated" -- for any Photo Rejuvenation device, inclusive of the most fabulously expensive units. Outside of maintenance visits, Photo Rejuvenation generally requires a series of sessions (nominally, six) and the maximum "bloom" or benefits are often realized about 4 weeks after the sessions. Yes, there are some exceptions whereby we've seen realizable improvements in Rosacea after one or two visits. And we have seen some who experience a finer skin texture within 48 hours after one session. But also know that the relative degree of success, like with any device or skin care product, is somewhat dependent on the client, themselves ... their general health ... and having limited sun exposure, particularly during the weeks they undergo the Photo Rejuvenation sessions (baking in the sun can "burn off" much of the gains).

As it relates to increased collagen growth ... yes, Photo Rejuvenation can provide this, whereby its success is again somewhat dependent upon the client's ability to produce it, as well as how much viable collagen they have stored within their body - along with our DermaWave's ability to increase fibroblast production as the precursor to new collagen production.. But, no ... it's not the equal of collagen injections. For most clients, the skin itself will become more plump and fine lines can be diminished in the process. For deeper lines, we recommend the "one-two punch" of Photo Rejuvenation that will help fill the line in its "valley", and microdermabrasion that will shave the line from the top, addressing the facial crease from both sides.

What Photo Rejuvenation will provide -- at all times -- is a healthier skin, one filled with more oxygen and moisture -- and nutrients (as pulled directly from the body). And, with significance, the DermaWave will increase the cell turnover rate, nominally two-fold -- closely replicating the faster turnover rate people possess in their twenties. And it is this very turnover rate that, among other factors, provides the more youthful skin we enjoyed in earlier years. No matter how "displeased" we may be with our appearance on a given day, imagine if you could simply take a pill that would halt the aging process -- one that, at least, wouldn't let us "get any worse". Well, Photo Rejuvenation isn't quite that pill. But by speeding up the cell turnover rate, you can slow down the aging process. And beyond the realizable improvements in the here and now, this may be regarded as one of Photo Rejuvenation's greatest gains: the reduction of "loss", as it relates to the aging process.

But let's have a look at the here and now ... but not with our cameras ...

More Independently Produced Result Images ...

What follows are a series of independent images photographed by DermaWave practitioner, Debra Martin. Several of you have shared your images with us, and we always appreciate that. We've currently chosen Debra's comparative photographs - not because the results achieved are any better or worse than those of others, but rather because Debra kept the shots fairly consistent, generally maintaining the light and the angles between shots within a series.

Let it further be said, as a matter of obligatory form, that Debra isn't in any way associated with us - outside of using our devices - and yes, she paid for her equipment. These images weren't shot for our promotional use, but rather for Debra's own investigation and edification. She isn't an Adobe PhotoShop manipulator, either ...  So, let's have a look ...

Before ...  ... and After.

Hyper-Pigmentation, clearly - and a somewhat unusual case to us, revealing something akin to a mottling of the skin ... In any event, it was reported that this client had "tried everything", from fade creams to pricey ($500, a pop) Photo-Facial IPL treatments. We would have expected a high-powered IPL medical device to perform every bit as well as our DermaWave, but seemingly not in this particular instance. It surprised us, actually. Be that as it may, the above was after a total of five DermaWave sessions. The client reported that she was "very happy" with the results. More improvement could be yielded with additional treatments.

Before ... ... and After.

Here, the lines around the eyes were the target. Debra quite inadvertently changed the angle between shots (and several weeks), but the story is still effectively told, without deception. The above represented six sessions.

Before ... ... and After.

A virtual medley of pigmentation anomalies ... As Debra reported, darkened areas (as well as reddened areas) are much lighter and skin has a much more even tone. Here, too, six sessions were employed.

Okay, now here's the kicker ... All of the above results provided by Debra were performed on the smallest and least expensive DermaWave available at the time, the 'DermaWave Petite'. Since then, we've become even more powerful ... and even less expensive, while adding additional technology.

With the above in mind, you're now free to smile ... in either a before or after picture, as you choose.
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