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... And we have a generous, Old Head Turn-In Program for our existing DermaWave users! ...
In thanks for your loyalty, it can be found towards the bottom of this page. :-)

(Because you NEVER combine two or more wavelengths - such as Red & Blue -
in the same head, operating at the same time - at any relative amplitude.
'Destructive Interference' among wavelengths results in notably reduced efficacy).
Don't take our word for it. See link below - (among 100 other places;
It's simple High School Physics, people):



First, a Quick AmRed Overview ...

When we were first invited to see this new LED technology in prototype, we were extremely interested in its possibilities... Then, after 10 months of clinical trials, we were convinced that it would become our new 'standard' in a photo rejuvenation head. Simply put, it marries the best in an amber output - prompting a better lymphatic push - with the advantages of red, better serving Rosacea and other red-based, ruddy anomalies. And it would do so without any 'destructive interference' between wavelengths, from a single LED substrate - unlike placing one wavelength next to another.

While appearing basically 'red' to the human eye (unless placed next to an actual red LED, where it then appears to have a tinge of 'orange'), a central 605nm peak wavelength sweeps down to 585nm ... and up to 635nm. It is a broader 'bell curve' in this new LED technology that makes it possible - without a single drawback in photo rejuvenation applications ... only benefit.

And what is Spectral Bandpass Technology ?

It would be originally used on our large Planar Panel Head to reduce the perceived optical glare to the eye where there were fistfuls of LEDs - while allowing the desired wavelengths to pass without restriction. It essentially involves a wavelength-specific filter that's placed in front of the LEDs. Now, with the large wand-based Cello heads, we've brought the addition to these heads as well. Our AmRed filter needed to be 'broader' in the light it would pass because the AmRed LEDs have a broader spectral output curve that sweeps into the amber range and to 'narrow-filter' it too much would impede the innate benefits of the AmRed technology. With that, it's still a 'Bright Head', but offers less eye-wincing glare than without the bandpass filtering.

With the Blues and Greens, we could use more 'narrow-band' filtration and, with entirely different optical designs, we could reduce the apparent brightness more significantly - as well as 'soften' the LEDs through two-stage diffusion. It might be noted here that the human eye has non-linear sensitivity to color and that's why all of our heads through the years would appear to have different 'brightness levels' - even as they'd measure the same on the lab bench, relative to the desired wavelength. Spectral Bandpass Filtering takes this phenomenon a step further. But do know that, unlike lasers, our LEDs will do no harm to the eyes. In fact, with the eyelids closed - as would be typical - more light streams through the lids as you lay around the pool without sunglasses.

But there's more to the filtering! ...

While LEDs are designated as a one-number wavelength for convenience, that single number would represent the peak output wavelength.  In truth, LEDs of a given 'color' emit light outside of the stated wavelength. And the 'extra light' not only creates more optical glare to the eye, but can reduce the desired output of the LEDs by way of 'destructive interference' - a law of physics (which is why no maker should ever combine red and blue in the same head). So let's see what spectral filtering can achieve ...


A 'Red' LED has a broader output than a
single number implies. In fact, observe the
blue 'bump' at the lower portion of the
spectrum! By our use of Spectral Bandpass
Filtering, we can get just the portion of the
spectrum we desire in our AmRed LEDs.

But there's MORE ... By filtering everything
to 'the left' of the desired AmRed output,
we've eliminated the blue bump entirely and
by eliminating its 'destructive interference',
the desired output actually goes up - as
designated with the dashed line.

All this while reducing optical glare to the
eye. No eye protection required.

Okay, enough of the boring stuff.  Sorry.  On with the heads ...

For Both The Cello and Cubic 7 Consoles ...
Cello Heads can also be powered by the previously available Cubic 5,
as well as older DermaWaves!  You're welcome.  :-)

The AmRed 605 Broad Curve Cello Head

Yes, one already comes with your base Cello system. But for those who want to work wicked-fast, your Cello base unit, with its 'stereo outputs', can run two at once. Another consideration: If you're reasonably coordinated, you can do a face with one AmRed Cello Head - while treating the upper-chest, decollete area (which is about the same surface area as another face) with the other. That's why it's here.

Price $695 each
If second unit ordered at time of machine purchase: $595 each






The 'Soft Blues' & 'Soft 'Greens'. They're Different.  

A different optical design than the AmReds, optimized for surface and near-surface conditions. In testing a variety of LED 'Blues', we applied a single LED to single acne blemishes. And what did we come to discover? That other blemish outbreaks as far as 10~15 millimeters away were also treated! We learned that providing the appropriate wavelength to an area pulled the oxygen-carrying endogenic porphyrins in the body to to a broader swatch outside of the LED beam! This, combined with larger LEDs - relative to our previous Blue wand heads - allowed us to produce the large Cello version more efficiently that should, otherwise, cost more. As it turns out, as another 'near-surface' consideration, we were able to take a similar approach to our 'Green Beam' melanocyte regulation head. Both use narrow-band filtering that also feature moderate diffusion in the multi-stage filters. And beyond the filters - in front of each LED - are concentric diffusion discs that further disperse the beam in the way we wanted. In all, relatively low impact on the eyes while producing the selective wavelengths we desired.
The Soft Acne Blue Beam 420 Cello Head

This DermaWave head emits a  true 420 nanometer wavelength cluster of light, penetrating the skin tissue to target mild to moderate P. acne, specifically (the 'P' stands for Propionibacterium) . Unlike the more common 460 - 470 nanometer "Blue Heads" offered by others (often inaccurately labeling them as 420nm, when actually measured at 470nm), the DermaWave Blue Beam, operating at a higher frequency (shorter wavelength), results in a true counter-bacterial response by way of photo destruction of common acne bacteria. This particular spectrum increases the release of oxygen-carrying, endogenic porphyrins -- that attacks the P. acne bacteria below the skin surface at a faster rate than the problematic Propionibacterium, itself, can reproduce. This head is not appropriate for cystic acne (uncommon), however, but rather the more common inflammatory acne. It is better suited for mild to moderate acne.

The highly unique DermaWave 'Blue Beam Head' may be used alone for acne-specific treatments or be incorporated within other skin care sessions. It may be used in conjunction with your favorite acne-related products, if you prefer, without harm. The 420 nanometer Blue Beam Head is also used in combination with the standard Photo Rejuvenation head that is normally equipped with the DermaWave console to help reduce acne-related inflammation. Need only be used on acne affected areas, so it doesn't take too long per session.

Price: $695 each
If ordered at time of machine purchase: $595 each


The Soft Green Beam Melanocyte 525 Cello Head:

It's now been demonstrated that the application of this wavelength helps regulate the skin's melanocytes, further improving the flesh tone when it follows an application of the standard photo rejuvenation head. It's what to use when a more even and improved skin tone is your specific Photo Rejuvenation target. An allied benefit is that it can also increase the longevity of the flesh tone achieved with the standard head through melanocyte regulation.

Price: $695 each
If ordered at time of machine purchase: $595 each






For The Cubic 7 Console: The Hi-Flux Parabolic Planar Head ...

Each contains a three-bank, sub-panel system that's aligned for 'cross-firing' across the LED arrays. And beyond this, each and every LED also cross-fires on itself via parabolic optical amplification. In fact, each 10mm parabolic unit has an output that's nominally equivalent to 24 conventional LEDs operating at once! That would be the total aggregate output of hundreds of LEDs that we couldn't otherwise fit in the same space!

And, uniquely, each panel employs Spectral Bandpass filtering that only allows the desired wavelength spectrum to precisely pass unimpeded while increasing optical safety. In fact, no eye protection is required. The client need only ... close their eyes.

The AmRed 605 Broad Curve Planar Head

The standard head that comes with the DermaWave Cubic 7 Planar System is available as a separate unit for previous DermaWave owners, as well as for those who wish to run two heads at once on the Cubic 7 for the speediest and most efficient of systems. Just plug it into any Smart Port ... And yes, as promised, it also makes an excellent Body Treatment Head, additionally helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Amazingly versatile.


Price: $ 1500 each
(New, Lower Pricing)


The 'Old Head Turn-In Program' for Existing DermaWave Users!

A Beautiful Thing. Our smaller wand heads - a longtime industry standard - sold at a retail of $500. Remember? Well, we're going you let you turn in your previous Matrix wand heads at 50% of that value! And we don't care how old it is, how 'trashed-out', whether you got it at some special price however many years ago - or if you somehow got it for free! You still get to cash it in for a $250 value!  This is ... unprecedented.

It applies on a 1 for 1 basis. That is, if you have two older AmRed heads, say - one may be used for one new, large Cello AmRed. We can't let you use both of them to cash in on a single, new Cello AmRed. We'd be very much on the losing end of that. BUT ... we'll currently allow you to use that second old head towards another head from the Cello Head system - whether a second Cello AmRed ... or a 'Cello Blue', say.
NEWLY ADDED: Also applies toward the purchase of a new MC2 Micro-Current Head and the latest Hi-Flux Parabolic LED Head! Great for those of you with the older Cubic 5 wand-based system!
No one in this industry has ever done this. We're offering it in thanks to our loyal DermaWave users.

And yes, you get to keep your current head until your new one arrives ... so you don't miss a single day.

Need to Put It In Perspective? Okay.

Both in their
'Off State'.

The beloved
AmRed Matrix Head - removed
from its barrel.

The New Cello Head

And yes, each
individual LED is
larger, too.

YES! It can even be powered by the small Cubic 5 console!
888 - 704 - 5888

Oh, yeah ... Free Shipping, too.


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