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Still our most popular among Dermatologists.
An Industry Standard for 10 Years Prior.
Now Updated & Revised with the latest LED Tech.

The Cubic 7 - X2
5 Minute Treatment Time. Done.

New head  as part of this updated X2 system is backward compatible for longtime DermaWave users - including all DermaWaves back to 2002. We try not to force our people into buying a new machine if we don't have to - unless our customer wants to.

, complete with power / modulation console & X2 Planar Head.

FREE Shipping.

Newest in LED Tech Measurably Several Times More Powerful Than Any Other. Yes, Safely.
5 Minute Sessions.  Not 30 Minutes.  Also do the upper chest, decolletage in another 5.
Once A Week for Most.  Not Three Times A Week, as called for by others.
No Dead End.  Updatable and Expandable with Modular, Open Architecture Design.
Auto-Adaptable to our Micro-Current Head. Just Plug It In. No Additional Machine Required.

... Primary Feature Set ...

  • FDA approved wavelengths for stated application - not a relabeled pain relief device.
    (P.S.: Infrared light has never actually been FDA approved for esthetic purposes. Never.)

  • Dynamic Feedback Loop recognizes new heads, readjusting the console ... automatically.

  • A variety of settings ... with nothing to set, adjusting for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

  • Each and every, true MED-GRADE Parabolic LED segment unit cross-fires on itself as optical light amplification, with each LED segment having the output of nominally 24 conventional LEDs.  

  • Spectral Bandpass filtering allows completely safe operation ... without eye protection.

  • 4-Channel Smart Port expansion allows for future additions.

  • Exclusive Rapid Micro-Pulse Technology (faster than eye/mind can perceive) makes DermaWaves solely approved for those with Epilepsy and other dynamic-light sensitivities.

  • Powers multiple heads, including our Micro-Current head - even at the same time. A true, professional modulation control console - not a repackaged 'bicycle flasher' circuit.

  • All-inclusive, 5 Year Warranty.

  • Be done in <5 minutes with the large Planar Head.

It's not a machine. It's an instrument ... The description and listing, above, is not a mere expression of promotional bravado. It's excellence is self-evident – even by distributors who attempt to woo us on a monthly basis. But no distributors required. Or sought. DermaWave is about cohesion -- from the original design concept, to its production, to its distribution -- all entirely executed in-house. Even our product shots are photographed by us ... as well as the production of our website. We're engineers, yes. We're also musicians. We're photographers. ... We're artists ...  Yes, we're demanding control freaks, clearly. With that out of the way, let's have a look at what creativity can inspire, where art and commerce can peacefully coexist ...

Some time ago, out of a Day Spa under our ownership for 19 years, DermaWave set out to produce the first (and since, only) Photo Rejuvenation device for Esthetician use that offered continuously variable output parameters, allowing the operator to tailor its output for the individual skin types and conditions – previously only available on medical-grade machines. Back then, this was regulated by knobs and switches. Now, with the Cubic 7 - like the 'Atmosphere' before it, the complete orchestration of events has been so simplified for the user, there's little need to clutter its clean industrial design with control function labeling ...

Imagine ... Face to Face, Second by Second ... Imagine an LED Photo Rejuvenation head that not only has the highest output yet developed ... but one that also has an input – one capable of adjusting for all Fitzpatrick skin types, individually ... automatically. For example, a Fitzpatrick Skin Type I is far more reflective to light, while a Skin Type VI has a much higher, light-based absorption rate. It's for this reason that medical-grade units adjust the 'pulse-width' to optimize for the individual face at hand. Rosacea – as another example – has a much, much higher absorption rate in the 'red wavelength' range ... that's why you see it as 'red' in the first place. Hyper-pigmentation has a higher light-based absorption rate at all wavelengths.

Now imagine optical sensors that read the skin much like an automatic light meter in a modern camera ... and asks the machine to adjust its 'exposure' – all with a far higher degree of accuracy than you could tweak by hand (and much faster, too). For each and every face, face by face. The Cubic 7 is, indeed, an instrument ... one that tunes itself, playing just the right notes, at just the right time. And no music video required. The 'training' is already inside the inherent design.  Imagine that.

... just hold the planar head to the face at three locations ...
(what would be your hand on the stainless handle has been removed for pictorial clarity)

... a one ...

... a two ...

... a three.

(About 90 seconds per section. Really).

... but wait, it gets better ...

SMART PORT EXPANSION - Our outputs are, in fact, 'Smart Ports' ... Not only can the 'Smart Ports' power additional heads – all at once, but they have other potential abilities, as well. For example, at our choosing, we could design anything from Galvanic Heads to Micro-Current Heads (we've now done Micro-Current) ... and have them recognized – as well as powered – by the same DermaWave console. It's just a matter of our imagination – at our whim, combined with market demand. Smart, yes?

And further, Smart Ports are not only outputs, but may also function as inputs as a 'machine modifier' to provide the additional functions. These ports work in orchestration with our Dynamic Feedback Loop ...

DYNAMIC FEEDBACK LOOP – Unlike others who seemingly didn't read their White Papers or Journals, we don't simply plug in different 'colors' in to the same machine, as a marketing afterthought. Because our heads are wired in a 'loop' fashion to the main console, each head has the ability to change the very nature of the machine, re-optimizing for each wavelength – automatically, just by plugging in a new head. Which leads us to ...

IT ALSO POWERS OUR MC-2 MICRO-CURRENT HEAD – No new or additional machine required!

IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN ... but we are ...  DermaWave products - inclusive of all internal circuitry - are the first and only Spa equipment devices - of any type - to be RoHS Compliant. What's that, you ask? RoHS stands for 'Restriction of Hazardous Substances', whereby this directive restricts the use of six commonly-used hazardous materials in a device's manufacture - including Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE). So DermaWave products are not only safe for the operator and client ... but also for the planet on which they reside.

NOW ... ENJOY ...  We, at DermaWave, endeavor to keep you enlightened and, to some degree, entertained. We do this because we feel it's important that you be educated in an industry that's so often a toxic mixture of hyper-hype, selectively choreographed testimonials, and outright untruths -- all in a seemingly desperate and frantic mission to sell you goods that are, for the most part, clones of one another, dressed in different clothing. Take the time ... take all night, if you must, to see what makes DermaWave -- and the people who create it ... well, different.

Oh, yeah ... Free Shipping, too.

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