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LED Photo Rejuvenation Modulation Skin Care

BaCk To ScHoOL SpEciAL - Cubic 7 System for $1995!
Used in Esthetician Scools to train their students on,
but you don't have to be a school to get this special pricing through August 21st!

NEW Generation, High-Flux, Optically-Amplified Parabolic MED-Grade LEDs.
Each LED segment - massively large - has the lumen output of 24+ conventional LEDs.
Simply stated, the highest output Med-Grade LEDs ever made.

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The Cubic 7 - X2.   Five Minutes.   Done.
Latest Hi-Power Technology Made.  Ever.

The MC-2 Micro-Current Add-On Head.
No Additional Machine Required. Just Plug It In.

LED Skin Care Photo Rejuvenation Modulation

MicroCurrent Skin Care - DermaWave

Accessory & Specialty Heads.
Compatible with DermaWaves, New & Old.

The Cello. Modestly Priced PRO Wand System.
System Cross-Compatible. 'Stereo' Outputs.

LED Photo Rejuvenation Skin Care

LED Photo Rejuvenation Skin Care Therapy

The Praised Article Even Used by Educators.
Lengthy & Extensive, But So Worth The Read.

We're Here. Talk Esthetics.
Talk Design & Engineering.  We Know It.

LED Skin Care Technology / Photo Rejuvenation & Modulation

Whether Ordering
or Just Have Questions.
No Pressure.

Open Most Weekends, Too.


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cello      cubic 7      heads       power      design studio      results     microcurrent      articles     contact


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