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Our processing is now handled via the PayPal portal, but you don't need your own PayPal account to use it! Simply select the item(s) you'd like from us - and you may then use most any major credit or debit card! Further, you'll be fully protected by the PayPal Protection Program no matter what instrument you use to pay! Nice.

When you select an item, another window will open (PayPal) with your selection. Should you wish to select another item, simply return to this window. Any additional items you select will be automatically added to the PayPal window you've already established. :-)

Please note that in this post-pandemic era with part supply shortages, it may take 10~14 days for your DermaWave equipment to arrive at your door. Overseas shipments, naturally, may take a bit more time. We will endeavor to ship out as soon as possible. And the shipping is currently on us. Thank you!


Cubix 7 X2 system, complete with
control-modulation console, a
Planar AmRed head and all required
$2095 USD, FREE Shipping.

Second Planar AmRed Head for
running two heads at once - or to
update most any DermaWave
dating back to 2002!
$1200 USD, FREE Shipping.

MC-2 Micro-Current Head. Can be
run from any DermaWave console
dating back to 2002.

$800 USD, FREE Shipping.


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