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Since 2001, continuing to Push The Envelope.
Always Conceived, Engineered, Designed and Produced In-House
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Yes, we have people for you on the weekend!

Genuinely Med-Grade Professional Units for Professionals.
We don't produce photo-rejuvenation with generic, consumer-electronics LEDs.
DermaWaves are Modular, Open-Architecture, Cross-Compatible, Expandable.
Also Backward-Compatible with all DermaWave models dating back to 2002!
Hermetically Sealed LED arrays - no exposed, open raw circuit boards. Sanitary ... and safe.
No protective goggles required. Spectral Bandpass Filtering built in to all heads
without impeding desired wavelengths.
True MED-Grade Results.

Click on any picture below or Blue Menu Bar for more detailed info.  :-)

  The Cubic 7 - X2.  
Our Most Famously Popular Model. Now Updated.
Newest, High-Flux, Optically-Amplified Parabolic MED-Grade LED Planar Heads
for the revised 'Cubic 7 - X2' (backward compatible w/ the Classic Cubic 7 & older Cubic 5, too!).
Each LED segment has the lumen output of 24+ conventional LEDs.
Simply stated, the highest output Med-Grade LEDs ever made, relative to stated wavelength.

DermaWave - LED Photo Rejuvenation for Skin Care

Exclusive Rapid Pulse-Width Technology with Most Efficient Pulse Train
(at a rate far faster than the eye/mind can perceive - so DermaWave is uniquely approved for those
with Epilepsy, as well as those with Autism having light-based, photo-dynamic sensitivities).
Delivers the best of CW (Continuous Wave) & Pulse advantages - automatically. 

Naturally runs our MC-Series Micro-Current Head, as well. No additional machine required!

Old Head Turn-In Program for your wand heads apply! We treat our people right!

The Cello Wand System.
Also cross-compatible with the famed Cubic 7.

Just one of our new, massive 100mm AmRed Cello heads (comes standard)
can deliver much more MED-Grade light in less time than a foam flex panel using generic LEDs. .

LED Photo Rejuvenation - Light Therapy - Skincare

The Cello System.
A true, professional Med-Grade system that's 2 ~ 3 times faster
and exposure efficient that most maker's arch or panel systems
(except for our own). Modular and Open Architecture design
is cross-compatible with previous DermaWaves.


The New, Sculptured MC-2 Micro-Current Head
No new or additional console required.  Just plug it in and go.

LED MicroCurrent for Skin Care

 DermaWave's Open Architecture design with Dynamic Feedback Loop
allows a head, such as the MC-2, to reconfigure the base console.

Additional Speciality Heads
(Because you NEVER combine two wavelengths - such as Red & Blue -
in the same head, operating at the same time - at any relative amplitude.
'Destructive Interference' among wavelengths results in notably reduced efficacy).
It's why all, true professional units operate them separately.
Don't take our word for it. See blue boxed link below - (among 100 other places):

LED Phto Therapy for Skin - Estheticians - DermaWave

And 'Old Head' Turn-In Program for existing DermaWave users!
No matter how old, no matter how trashed. Our thanks to you.

888 . 704 . 5888

Do take the time to peruse our website. Contains much you may not have known.
It's been used by lecturers to, in part, teach LED Photo Rejuvenation.

We've always been lovable. Now we're likable, too.

cello      cubic 7      heads       power      design studio      results     microcurrent      articles     contact


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