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Since 2001, continuing to Push The Envelope.
Always Conceived, Engineered, Designed and Produced In-House
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Summer End Sale! Through August 22nd!

The Newest Inception of the Cubic 7 (the X2),
our most popular product ever.
Yeah, that's $500 OFF!


The Cubic 7 - X2.   Our Most Famously Popular Model - Now Updated.
So, Got 5 Minutes?

Then you can do a full face Photo Rejuvenation session with
just one of our new, High-Flux, Optically-Amplified Parabolic LED Planar Heads
for the revised 'Cubic 7 - X2' (backward compatible with the Classic Cubic 7 & even Cubic 5, too!).
Yes. Really. A 178x178mm (7x7in.) head placed in three locations does it.
Got more time? Then you can hit the decollete in another 5.
Selective Body Treatments, too.
Naturally runs our MC-Series Micro-Current Head, as well. No additional machine required!

PLUS: The new, higher efficiency Planar Head will now also run off the older Cubic 5 at full power!
So even our older models get an upgrade (older Cubic 7s, too, remember)!
Old Head Turn-In Program for your wand heads apply!

Got 9~10 Minutes?
Then you can do a full face Photo Rejuvenation session
with just one of our new, massive 100mm AmRed Cello heads. Done.

The Cello System.
A true, professional Med-Grade system that's 2 ~ 3 times faster
and exposure efficient that most maker's arch or panel systems
(except for our own). Modular and Open Architecture design
is cross-compatible with previous DermaWaves.


The New, Sculptured MC-2 Micro-Current Cello Head
No new or additional console required.  Just plug it in and go.

 DermaWave's Open Architecture design with Dynamic Feedback Loop
allows a head, such as the MC-2, to reconfigure the base console.

Additional Speciality Heads

And 'Old Head' Turn-In Program for existing DermaWave users!
No matter how old, no matter how trashed. Our thanks to you.

888 . 704 . 5888

We've always been lovable. Now we're likable, too.

cello      cubic 7      heads       power      design studio      results     microcurrent      articles     contact