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The DermaWave Palette.

Opens up to almost two linear FEET
of LED projection.

240 square inches of total LED coverage.
Continuously variable angles from
0 to 175 degrees.

'WIT'  (Wavelength Interlace Technology)
for zero destructive interference with no
negative interactions or wave cancellation
between the different wavelengths.

Micro-Current capable with our MC2 head.
No additional console required.
Other expansion also possible.

Special Pricing

LED Tech has long since moved on in the past 5 years.
Two times the active LED coverage area of Cellluma Pro,
several times the output power, three times the warranty coverage.
A fully finished design - not exposed circuit boards glued to a piece
foam mat, porous and non-sanitary - even if someone coughs into it.


Art Comes in Many Forms.

Where Black & White Opens Up to Color.

The very latest, 3rd Generation of discreet 'SMD' LEDs having 8 times
the luminous output of 640~660nm LED 'strip lights'.

Now add double the beam concentration relative to other units.

It results in much higher efficiency ...
15 Minute sessions, once a week - not 30 minutes, three times a week for
general Photo-Rejuvenation. Typical course: 6 Sessions - not 12 sessions.

Full edge-to-edge coverage, not using fewer LED at the perimeters.

Dual-Function 'True Blue' 420nm LEDs for both acne - and oxygenization.
(we explain below)

'Broad-Curve' AmRed LEDs with 'central' output at 605nm but emits down to 585nm
(for better lymphatic push) and up to 635nm within the actual FDA parameters.

True Skin Care Dedicated Device, not wasting space with 'pain relief' infrared LEDs,
never once approved by FDA for cosmetic enhancement. Allows for a far more efficient
and dedicated layout for the LED wavelengths actually designated for skin care.
Triangulated design provides for 'cross-firing' between the two panels.

Ultra-Fast, variable pulse rate - alternating between the two primary wavelengths,
far faster than the eye can see. May be used with those having epilepsy
and other dynamic light sensitivities.

A fully finished and realized professional product - not colored 'strip lights' on raw boards.
No open, exposed, and vulnerable circuit boards glued to foam 'exercise mat 'material.
All components are fully encased and offer a far more professional presentation
in your spa.

A true, dedicated heavy-duty power supply / modulation console -
not an 'AC Adapter' designed for small consumer electronics.
Main front output and two expansion ports on the back, allowing the use of
additional items such as our Micro-Current head that plugs right in.
No new, additional machine console required.

When finished, panels fold in on themselves into a compact and rigid 11 x 14 inch dimension.
Think of a photo frame designed for 8x10 photographs with a bit of mat space around them.

All-Inclusive (non-limited) 3 Year Warranty - right down to the cords, everything.
Three times that of other popular brands.

Before we get into a few more of the details,
let's have a look at a few of the configuration possibilities,
provided by the continuously variable, torque adjustable friction hinge system ...


The Counter Top Mode.
Will likely be among the most popular of configurations.
Auto-Balances and triangulated towards the face.
Just provide a height-adjustable office chair.
For high-traffic spas, multiple 'stations' can be set up in a single room.


The Hand Spa Mode.
Spread it outward on the table.
Use a towel underneath equal to or wider than the panels.
Hands simply slip underneath.


The Spa Chair / Bed Mode.
The extended Lucite outer panels provide the right spacing for the head depth.
We do recommend a 'full-width' facial chair/bed, flattened.
If you have one of those chair/beds with a narrow headrest (like an automobile),
flip your client around where the head is at the 'foot position'.
A massage table also works, naturally.
A typical edge-to-edge spread would be around 17 inches (44cm).
Our user manual also explains other options. :-)


Select Body Treatments.
Yes - the panels can be flattened to cover large areas without discomfort.
We wrap a long, elastisized 'bungee cord' (or two shorter ones) around the back
at the hinge space and join the vinyl hooks underneath the facial / massage bed.
Effective. Stable. Easy.


And I'll Take Mine With A Side Of Micro-Current.

Yes - a portion of the Dynamic Feedback Loop circuitry from our previous DermaWaves is built into the Palette's power / modulation console. Just add our MC2 Micro-Current head and the Palette is automatically transformed for this popular modality. Expansion ports also support most other DermaWave heads, past and present.


Now for Some Technical Magic Details That May Interest You ...

The DermaWave Palette Has WIT (Wavelength Interlace Technology) -

The problem with running more than one wavelength at a time - in the same instant - such as red and blue, is a matter of 'destructive interference' where two or more wavelengths interact and partially cancel one another. After all, Red and Blue are at complete opposite ends of the rainbow - and when they 'collide', they try to 'beat one another up' and, in that 'struggle' make each "contender" weaker, less powerful. This is basic Physics, not 'opinion'. And yet, most ignore it. We don't.

While, to the eye, both the red and blue LEDs may seem to be on at the same time (lending a 'magenta-like' light), they're actually being interlaced where, while one wavelength is on, the other one is actually off. Understand that once light pulses at around 20 pulses per second (and higher), the eye 'integrates' the events. This is the essence of how motion picture works where, in film, you're looking at 24 frames (24 individual 'light pulses') per second. But 'the eye' (more precisely, the brain) integrates the separate events for you to see things as a continuous event. This is called 'Persistence of Vision' whereby the brain holds on to what it's just seen for a very brief period of time. The skin, however, having no 'persistence of vision - no 'visual memory' - only sees the individual red and blue pulses as separate events when the different wavelength pulses are alternated.

Still, motion picture aside, what we're doing may be regarded as something more akin to modern television technology (that operates at a higher 'frame rate'). When shopping for a 'flat screen TV' you may have noticed two similar specs: 1080p (for 'progressive scan') and 1080i (where 'i' stands for 'interlaced'). They're two somewhat different picture delivery systems that achieve pretty much the same thing.

But what's happening is this ... With video interlace, the video is divided up into two segments: The even-ordered scan 'lines', followed by the 'odd-ordered' scan lines. That is, you're not getting 'the entire picture' at once. Your eye/brain is integrating the two phases to look full and continuous. That's pretty much what we're doing at DermaWave. Things may look 'all at once', but they aren't. And by separating the two 'wavelength phases', each one becomes much more efficient in pure output where the otherwise competing waves aren't 'beating one another up'. No other panel system does this.

Moreover, with extrodinarily rapid pulsing in our instance, we can also vary the relative length of time between the two wave phases over time. As the Palette can run through a series of program algorithms - from Rosacea to Acne - each individual wavelength pulse-time can vary between 50%~92% for each cycle at a given point in time. This requires no setting on your part. All is done for you. Again, at a rate far faster than the eye can see.

But If Blue Is Always Active, Doesn't That Mean We're Also Giving 'Acne Treatments' to Those Who Don't Have It? ... Kind of ... But you're also giving them something else that's good ...

Consider how the 420nm blue wavelength works - how it helps kill the acne bacteria.  No, the 'blue light' is not an 'anti-bacterial' light. Anti-Bacterial light would be UV - ultra-violet - and pretty deep into that range, at that. You most generally don't want to expose your skin to it. What the 420nm blue range does is this: It attracts something that's already in your body - Porphyrins - attracted to the skin surface like moths to a porch light. And it is these Porphyrins that carry an abundance of oxygen where it is the oxygen that helps kill the acne bacteria from behind. So, in the absence of acne, the exposure to the 420nm wavelength pulls oxygen to the skin surface - for all - providing something akin to an infused oxygen treatment - from behind. And that ... is a good thing.

But  Why No Infrared?

Because we're Skin Care Technology creators - that's why - not a distributor of pain relief devices. Point of fact, infrared has never been approved by the FDA for 'cosmetic enhancement'. Not once. Not ever. And there were good reasons for this. So, in the interest of actual skin care, from the design / engineering point of view, we just regard the inclusion of infrared LEDs to be a waste of space that could be far better utilized for actual skin-related LED enhancement. While others have employed them, as a matter of history, this is a throw-back to the early days of photo-rejuvenation when so many 'suppliers' simply purchased ready-made pain relief machines - and the relabled them as photo-rejuvenation skin care devices. Then, as more quickly jumped on the LED bandwagon, they made the ill-informed mistake of copying them. We, on the other hand ... never did

But Doesn't Infrared Penetrate Deeper?

Okay, if you wish, let's put aside the fact that - again - infrared has never been approved for actual skin care ...
Despite what so many impromptu 'Internet Skin Care Experts' may have told you, their deeper penetration argument is an incomplete theorem that ignores 'real world' - and misses half of the equation. Point of fact, until it encounters something opaque, light doesn't simply 'stop' at a given distance or depth. The cited 'penetration depths' are based on a ratio of a light device's output level relative to a given power loss level through a medium - like skin, say. But imagine you had an amber/red LED that started out with over 8 times the luminence power level at the source, relative to an infrared LED. At a 10mm depth (or at any point after), the amber/red LED would actually have more luminence power at a 10mm skin depth than the most powerful infrared LED currently made. But moreover, in real world, take the shortest of blue wavelengths with the least cited 'penetration level'. With our 'Blues' you'll hit skull long before the LED runs out of penetration power and luminence level. Complete equation. Real world.

Okay, Enough of the Math and Science Classes. Here Are Some Additional Goodies to Know.

The DermaWave Palette panels have integrated 'heat-sinking'
that absorbs and dissipates nearly 95% of the heat generated by the ultra-high powered LEDs away from the skin and sends it out the back, further buffered by twin layers of Lucite.

The DermaWave Palette panels aren't powered by a simple AC adapter you plug in the wall outlet, once sold at Radio Shack for consumer electronics. There wouldn't be enough power there for us, even if we wanted to use such a thing. But we didn't. Instead, you get a technology-packed power and modulation console. And even the jacks and ports (more on the back) are made by Switchcraft, as used in professional recording studios. We additionally import the heavy-duty and beautifully machined toggle switches from Germany. No light 'bubble switches' to break down over time.

And about those expansion ports on the back ... We provide two of them knowing that many of our DermaWave customers use some of our heads 'in stereo' - two at once. The ports become automatically powered when you plug something into them - yes - including the MC2 Micro-Current head for complete system capabilities and possibilities. May be used with or without the Palette panels being on.

Recognizes all world voltages automatically. And all of this power in a package that's only 1.5 inches high, and decidedly compact in all other dimensions.

Thanks For Reading! 

Special Pricing




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