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The DermaWave Cello. True Med-Grade that anyone can use.

LED Skin Care Photo Rejuvenation - Modulation

It's Not A Machine.
It's An Instrument.

Complete with Modulation Control
Console and 100mm (4 inch)
AmRed Head.



Over 2 years in the making for us results in a mere 10 ~15 minute session for you using just one of our new, massive 100mm AmRed wands - included.

Faster and far more exposure efficient than most maker's arch and panel systems
(outside of our own).

100 mm (4 inch) heads - the largest wand heads in the industry.

Spectral Band-Pass Filtering reduces optical glare without impeding wavelengths.

Shock-mounted, true Med-Grade LED arrays.

Smart-Port outputs automatically recognize and adjust each head, individually.

Dynamic Feedback Loop reconfigures console for whatever head you plug in.

Pulses - far faster than the eye can see - and the mind can perceive. DermaWaves are approved for those with Epilepsy and others with light-dynamic sensitivities.

Modular, Open-Architecture design allows for expansion and updating.

Smart-Power Supply automatically adapts to all world voltages.

Fully voltage-regulated no matter how 'wild' your wall current may be.

Backward and cross-compatible with previous DermaWaves!

Unconditional 5 Year Warranty.

And much more.

We've been doing this a long time. We've seen competitors come and go. A few get some buzz for a brief period of time. Most are gone within 4~5 years. And as ones who started working on our first prototype in 1999, we've seen more jump on the LED Bandwagon than we could entirely keep track of.

But the trend we've seen in more recent years involves devices that use generic, consumer-electronics LEDs nestled in whatever form factor, often powered by 'AC adaptors' that plug into the wall outlet - just like your portable electronic devices when you don't want to use the batteries.

LEDs, which were not developed by NASA - and are no more proprietary 'NASA technology' than their use of aluminum - have been around for years. In fact, our lead designer was playing with them as a kid in the late 70s. They've been all around you for decades - even as you may have thought of them as 'bulbs' in your stereo receiver, in the dashboard of your car. In your clock-radio. Now they're in your kid's sneakers.

But there are enormous differences in LEDs - in their design, their construction, their output, and their application. If only people - seemingly inclusive of  some 'LED Machine' makers, themselves - knew that.

We don't produce or sell products that are too often just one step removed from colored LED Christmas lights. Do they pulse? Okay - the 'blinking' LED Christmas lights, then. Some others have been the rough equivalent of 'LED flashlights' that use generic colored LEDs, rather than white. And yet other designs "feature" raw and unprotected, generic LED circuit boards fully exposed in an essentially unfinished product. These are not professional, Med-Grade devices, people.

Many of our current DermaWave users have been there - but have long stayed with us after purchasing our designs. We've also made it easy for them to do so. Our prolific design history has retained cross-compatibility among most DermaWave devices for years. And our modular, 'open-architecture' designs have allowed for that. One can plug our new Cello heads into a DermaWave from 2002, say - without having to buy a new machine. Or a new modulation control console will power most heads from previous years. Professional camera makers have taken this approach, after all. A Nikon lens from the 1970s with mate with a current Nikon professional camera body. It may not have all of the modern conveniences. You'll have to focus it yourself. But still ... Why shouldn't this industry - our industry - take a similar approach? We, in fact, do - and have - much like professional audio equipment, in addition ...

DermaWave ... Times Two.

'Stereo Outputs' for running two heads at once, even of two different wavelengths
- or an LED head at one output
and our new Micro-Current Cello Head in another ... at the same time!
Both auto-configured with electronically buffered and fully isolated output channels.
The console knows what you've plugged in - and where ... automatically.

DermaWaves use a 'Dynamic Feedback Loop' that 'redesigns'
the unit as you plug in a new device.

You see, we produce professional-grade devices. It's what we do. And while regarded as being of true, 'Medical Grade', it may be used by anyone in complete safety.  And it may be used easily, as well. With our 'Dynamic Feedback Loop' communication between the compact console and ... whatever head, it sets itself.

So all you have to do is to hit one of the oversized rocker switches - or both, as required - even negotiated with an elbow (at least with the elbows we tried) should your hands be wet or coated in essential oils ... and go. Oh, don't worry - the poly-carb switches are insulated and safe even with wet hands. They're also wired in the low-voltage section of the circuit, besides. The circuitry is also fully voltage regulated no matter how 'wild' and variable your wall outlet current may be. The console also shuts itself down to protect itself in the event of any external short, resuming full operation when the fault is removed - as if nothing had ever happened.

In consideration of it all, it's pretty cool - isn't it?

THE BENEFITS For Those New To Photo-Rejuvenation:
A far healthier skin inclusive of ... Improved Skin Tone, Diminished Pore Size, More Even Pigmentation, Firmer Skin through Increased Collagen and Fibroblast Activity, Fine Line Diminishment, Faster Cell Turnover Rate, Improved Texture, and Increased Circulation.

For general Photo-Rejuvenation sessions, you just place the AmRed Cello Head in 9 locations - like a tic-tac-toe matrix, say - for one minute per section. That's it. Yes, the head can be 'slid around' if you choose, but it's principally designed for an easy, 'place-and-hold' technique. In a professional Spa setting, there can be 1~2 sessions a week, depending upon session affordability for the client. Think once a week, anyway, for a standard series of six. Keep in mind that while one could use it each and every day for extended periods in complete safety, photo-rejuvenation works 'in concert' with your own body - and that body has its own timetable and calendar. That is, using it every day for six days won't be the same as once or twice a week for six weeks. Okay? Some few exceptions ... We, for example, have some home-based users with Rosacea who have used our AmRed heads every day for its calming benefits. For the professional skincare specialist, you may devote the 10 minutes to only the Rosacea inflicted areas (commonly cheek and nose) as this would be the client's principal concern and, with this more severe anomaly, they may benefit from the additional 'blast of light' in those areas.

Console: About 9 inches, top to bottom. 4 1/2 inches at widest, upper circumference.
Head: Pretty much the same. A little wider at the upper circumference - 4 3/4 inches,
including shock mount ring. 

dermawave.   the cello system.   if yo-yo ma was an esthetician.

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