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Send In The Clones.

In the event that you're currently confused by all the options available to you, be pleased to know that the options aren't nearly as great as you thought ...


By now, most Estheticians have already heard of a light-administered procedure that lends a "new bloom" to an aging, photo-damaged face. It's called Photo Rejuvenation. By using a select region of light-based wavelengths that are dynamically modulated and applied to the skin, the resulting biostimulation can potentially yield a variety of improvements to the face. The process, generally involving a series of treatments, is entirely painless and relatively inexpensive for the client.

But with the dawn and new popularity of Photo Rejuvenation, several distributors are offering their versions of "Light Machines" – often made by the same manufacturer where competitors purchase their devices from the same source, have their respective names printed on the faceplate, and proudly go to the marketplace with their "exclusive, proprietary technology". This, despite the fact that several of the more popular Photo Rejuvenation machines were originally designed by the source manufacturer as low-level "pain relief" devices – not as a Photo Rejuvenation system. As such, the pulse frequencies are often incorrect for optimal skin rejuvenation and the wavelengths employed were never actually used in the independent clinical trials concerning true, bona fide Photo Rejuvenation.

The Emperor Has No Clothes ...

But none of this seemingly mattered to those distributors who wished to quickly jump on the Photo Rejuvenation bandwagon and concocted (or adopted) ensembles to yield rather enormous profits ... often by adopting a now-retired and orphaned pain relief machine that listed for $2500, retail ... and, after simply relabeling it as a Photo Rejuvenation machine, endeavored to sell them to you for $6500 ~ $8500. Nice touch.

The Aluminum Tobacco Pipe.   Look Familiar?

It should. As of this writing, no fewer than six distributors are using the identical light head, or a small variant of the same -- all while curiously proclaiming exclusive and proprietary technology. Some units are adorned with a rubber-type ring around the perimeter, others not. But despite small variations and minor differences in production runs -- along with varying size configurations, most are from the very same supplier. Even the makers of the machine consoles most often don't manufacture their own heads. They buy these 'light wands' and then mate them to their distributed, "proprietary" creations. The kicker is ... they were never originally designed as Photo Rejuvenation heads. In fact, their very existence pre-dates LED-based Photo Rejuvenation for Aesthetics. But the ready-made, off-the-shelf availability -- at a low production cost -- proved too much of a seduction for machine-makers and distributors looking to maximize profit.

By the way, some are playing a similar game with accessory, 'LED Pads' -- never originally designed or intended for Aesthetics-based, Photo Rejuvenation -- not ever.  But there's more ...

For Some ... THIS ... is a machine.

... Or, at least, half of a "machine".  Used by both, low-end portable units, feeding directly to a head -- as well as being the power essence of several 'Big Box' machines. It's a low-voltage wall transformer, offered by a variety of suppliers for your portable radio when you don't want to use batteries. This one, by Jameco -- or a minor variation of the same, under other names -- is used by several machine manufacturers, plugging it into the back of their large, showy cases. Available, retail, for ... $10 ... from Jameco Electronics, themselves.   Part No. 162996 ... Buy them in quantity, as machine-makers do ... get them for $7.25 a pop ...


If you're somehow enticed by either one of the above, then we're not for you.   We're coming from a very different place ...

We design and produce professional-grade instruments, destined for use by professionals. In fact, we're the only design manufacturer -- of any device type -- who also owned and operated our own clinical Day Spa for 19 years. The very first people we designed for ...  were ourselves ... from experimental prototypes -- to the very same production units we make available to you. In truth, our company is the personal merger of actual Estheticians and true Electronic Design Engineers -- not sales distributors of contracted creations. This will be self-evident as you read this site. Any of us here can talk about Photo Rejuvenation and circuit design in our sleep, without pause or hesitation. And our products are not only extensively evaluated and used daily within the Day Spa environment, but are also tested by the worldwide skin care, soft-products manufacturer, 'A Natural Difference', in their clinical evaluation settings.

We've long worked with all light emission technologies, long before the fashionable trend -- not  as a mere, market-driven afterthought. We don't really have a 'Sales Force', per se, funded by venture business partners who regard skin care as a "financial investment". Yes, we'll sell you a product, but contact us by email or phone and you'll be communicating with either an Esthetician or an Engineer -- not a hyper-agressive, 'Vice President of Sales'. No, we don't hunt you down like mad dogs, haunting you with repeated call-backs, endeavoring to pressure you into a sale. We've never had to do that, people ... and we never will.

And what of those inexpensive, ready-made heads and wall transformers, above? With what we're actually doing, as it relates to our in-house DermaWave designs, we couldn't use them if we wanted to ... And we don't. Our heads are truly a unique and powerful proprietary design, fully envisioned and assembled by us -- not available from any electronics supply house. And our internal "smart power supply", alone, possesses more detailed sophistication than the entirety of several Photo Rejuvenation machines that were maximized for profit, rather than originality or result.

DermaWave Photo Rejuvenation Systems use premium-grade components in original designs. And the quality of our LEDs is unsurpassed, measured and fully documented for accuracy. We don't, for example, simply label our heads as a particular wavelength ... when they are, in fact, really something else -- a surprisingly common practice in this industry. In fact, regarding all parameters, our LEDs are ISO 9001 Certified, as registered by Lloyds of London.

And no, we don't give machines away to a dermatologist -- or anyone else -- in exchange for their endorsement. Even 'A Natural Difference', the global skin care company paid for their original DermaWaves. They were duly impressed enough to do so. And their products are in Spas all over the world.

Many of you are looking at machines, priced as high as $7500 -- or above. As such, it would really be worthwhile to read the rest of our site, in detail. We speak openly, and in often frank terms. We don't just speak of our products, but of light theory and circuit design considerations that can be readily affirmed by independent sources, with nothing to sell you ... So do take some time here, people. You're not looking at $20 tweezers on a gamble, after all. Take the time to know what you're investing in, whether it be one of our DermaWaves ... or any other, light-based device.

The DermaWave Staff



"They call me 'Give 'Em Hell Harry'.
I don't give them hell.
I simply give them the truth,
and they think it's hell."

- Harry Truman -


This now defunct distributor of what was a $7500 machine was seemingly in such a rush to bring it to market, they neglected to pull off the sticker that inadvertently revealed its $2500 origin. That original pain relief machine is no longer offered, per se. But yet another picked up the same machine, changed its name (again), and offered it to you as a Photo Rejuvenation device at ... $8500 (after reducing the price from $9500). Now, offered yet again by another party at only $1000 above its original 'pain relief' list price ... after being twice abandoned and orphaned by two other distributors, under two different names.

HOT TIP from a LESSON LEARNED: Taking a retired, low-level pain relief machine and simply re-labeling it as a 'Photo Rejuvenation' device doesn't make it so. Neither does copying the same, merely changing the case style to dress it in new clothing. And therein, perhaps, lies the difference between Photo Rejuvenation ... and 'Profit Rejuvenation'...

DermaWave.  The Truth Prevails.


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