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Apples & Oranges

Far too many in this industry endeavor to confuse you into believing that LED-based Photo Rejuvenation is the very same as medical-grade IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments. As makers of LED adorned units, let us be the first to tell you that they're just a little 'Apples and Oranges'.


It's true that both may be regarded as -- and referred to -- as 'Photo Rejuvenation'. And they may both, in some sense, be regarded as "fruit". But, from different trees, the comparison is a bit Apples and Oranges. To imply that LED-based Photo Rejuvenation units designed for the Esthetician in a Day Spa environment is essentially the same as medical-grade IPL units -- employing Class IIIb lasers or high-powered 'flashlamps' (destined for the licenced physician) is simply false -- even if the two genres of machines may share certain benefits.

Medical-grade Intense Pulse Light units can range between $60,000 ~ $130,000. That's the "ouch" for the upper-end Dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has to purchase these high-end devices. The "ouch" for the end-client is that these high-powered units create a series of dermal wounds below the skin surface and many receiving the procedure require a topical anesthesia, often in combination with a cooling gel to reduce "the sting" ... the reason that, in most states -- as well as in other civilized regions of the world -- the Esthetician isn't permitted to use them ... even if they had the cash to purchase them. In their defense, however, medical-grade IPLs can do a better job of collagen remodeling, to a greater extend because they create those multiple wounds below the skin surface, whereby new collagen is formed in its endeavor to heal the wounds. And yes, the per session price for this procedure can be between $300 ~ $500 a pop, with the common series of six costing between $2,500 ~ $3,000 for the end-client.

Spa-based, LED-units (such as what we create), designed for the Esthetician, increase the fibroblast activity, whereby fibroblasts are the connective tissue cells which secrete an extra-cellular matrix rich in collagen and other macromolecules. This approach works well, indeed. And there's no pain or sting involved. But to compare it -- as "an equal" -- to medical-grade lasers and flashlamps is disingenuous.

Despite the above, many distributors -- perhaps most, in fact -- will tell you most anything to sell you a machine. And as an integral part of their deception, they cite and quote articles -- along with "lifestyle" television news reports -- that covered medical-grade IPL procedures and results. Distributors, such as Facial Sensations (DermaMaster in new clothing), among countless others (few distributors have proven to be original, even in their deception techniques), cite sources such as WebMd to The Dermatology Times ... to an ABC television report --  all of which covered high-powered, medical IPL procedures ... not LED-based Photo Rejuvenation. A shame, because there are a number of legitimate sources regarding the LED genre. But they want you to take a look at sources containing information, along with before and after comparisons executed by $100,000 machines, more capable of providing improvement in, say, the difficult emotive lines across the forehead (and even this can be a little hit-and-miss with medical-grade units) ... or as it relates to an improvement in broken capillaries, say.

Take it as a matter of counsel ... Any distributor deceiving you, as above, will likely deceive you in any other way they can think of. An other area of our site reveals how some are posting 'Before and After' photographs on their sites, performed by high-powered, medical-grade units ... offering them as "generic examples" of what Photo Rejuvenation can do. All of this deception despite the fact that there are Dermatologists who also use LED-based machines, such as our own -- sometimes in isolation, sometimes as a more price-friendly alternative to high-powered IPL sessions that they also offer. And even many plastic surgeons have "extended their market" to include Day Spa services, staffed by Estheticians -- as an other area where the LED-based DermaWave can find an appropriate and comfortable home.

But, as an Esthetician, don't feel "ignorant" for, perhaps, not knowing the differences previously -- as every effort has been made to confuse you by blurring the distinctions between the two genres. And, indeed, we do get calls from Dermatologists and plastic surgeons who aren't entirely familiar with the 'Apples' and the 'Oranges', either. We tell them, as licensed physicians, they do have options other than the DermaWave -- if far more pricey. And we inform them, flat-out, as to what the differences are. We then leave it to them to make an informed decision -- to go high-end IPL ... or DermaWave ... or both, depending on their traffic and business model.

Well designed, LED-based instruments -- such as what we produce as genuine Photo Rejuvenation devices, not re-labeled pain relief machines -- can produce some very nice results in a variety of areas. And we sell them with great success, presented with plain-truth honesty -- the one "marketing ploy" others in this industry never seemingly thought of, so alien is the notion. And they wonder -- if in their own frustration -- how we ultimately prevailed and dominated. Perhaps because, whether it be apples ... or oranges ... no one cares for the bad seed.


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